Battle Kiwi First Impressions


Over the weekend I received a package of terrain from Battle Kiwi. They are a company based out of New Zealand. I purchased the terrain because I really like how it looks, but I was hesitant because of the distance from the US. I received my package about 10 days later. That’s faster than I’ve received packages from Warsenal and they are US based. Granted they ship from across the country from me though. Click to read more of my first impressions.


I made a mistake on these crates and didn’t realize that they were pre masked until after I painted them. I was both very excited and very frustrated. Frustrated because I had done a bunch of work over masking tape, but excited because making awesome looking terrain simple.





In the next few weeks I will be slowly assembling various parts of the Alpha City by Battle Kiwi. Check back soon for more pictures. When it’s all put together I will be writing up a review of what I think of it all.

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