Asuras Review

This week on troop review I am focusing on the Asuras. They are the Elite of the Aleph army. The name is a reference to Vedic mythology. An Asura is a god or goddess in this example. The name fits nicely. These goddesses of destruction are tough and bringing one to a game is sure to mess with your opponents plans. Although expensive she is a solid choice for many lists.


Skills and Stats

Multispectral Visor Lvl 3 – This tool reduces the penalty of all optical disruption such as camo, TO camo, mimetism, ODD, low visibility to a 0. It also ignores the smoke effects of dodge. Lvl 3 does two more things that the other levels do not do. The first is you will automatically pass all WIP rolls to discover a camo trooper. Lvl 3 also negates all effects of surprise attack. This is most likely the reason that this unit costs so much, but it is definitely worth it.

V. No Wound Incapacitation – This skill provides a special unconscious state which allows the trooper to remain standing and act as normal when brought down to unconscious. It is a special unconscious state and must be declared to activate.



The Asuras doesn’t have very many tricks up her sleeve with special skills or equipment, but she makes up for it with a solid state line. These higher base state will cost though. The Asuras is the highest costing HI from all the vanilla starter boxes. BS 14 PH 14 WIP 15 ARM 5 BTS 6 W 2. That is very strong. The Arm 5 is huge. Standing in cover against a combi rifle you will be at 8 armor and saving on a 6 or higher. The two wounds is essentially 3 because of V. No Wound Incapacitation.

The hacker loadout is fairly expensive for just a standard hacker, but the LT hacker is a fairly decent choice for a Lieutenant. Heavily armored and capable of taking objectives and using the Lieutenant order on capturing objectives is very handy.

The spitfire is the most common one you will see of them all. In the sweet spot it you will be hitting with four dice at 17 or less. Those odds of success are awesome. Move her into a good spot in the middle of the field place her in suppressive fire and just let your enemy sweat. Now you applying a -6 modifier to your enemy. Although expensive it will control zones very well.

The major downside to this unit is the cost. In most other armies with this point cost you would be getting a Tag. Granted the Aleph tag costs about 120 points, but the point is the same. When you bring the Asura you get almost all the perks of a Tag, but a small troop profile and the ability to go prone and take cover. It is essentially the stat line of a tag in the a unit of size 2.



The Asuras has two available sculpts the multi rifle from the starter box and the Spitfire from a blister pack. Both sculpts look smooth. I like that they are more human looking than some of the Aleph. I’m not a huge fan of the nipples. Maybe its just me, but why would their creators add nipples, but refuse to give them clothes?

The description in the Human Sphere book describes them as perfect organisms reinforced and resistant protected with highly absorbent sub-dermal armor.  It also says they are often sent on the hardest mission and after days of fighting they show no signs of fatigue. These girls with guns are tough and any enemy will walk lightly around them. That or focus fire in an attempt to take her out of the game.

Final Thoughts

My thoughts on troops is you get what you pay for with the exception of Muttawi’ah. When you spend the points for a tough troop use them and crush your opponent. The Asura is almost the cost of a TAG, but well worth the cost for the MSV LVL 3 and solid stat line.  If you take her bring the pain and crush your enemy.

I want to put a plug-in for my Patreon page. I am sending out miniatures every month as a way to give back to the community. If you support me $1 a month I will enter you into a raffle for a miniature. The $8 tier enters you to win a box of miniatures of you choosing (excluding army boxes they are coming soon, but the cost for that tier will be about $20). Anyway thanks so much for your support. Get out there and paint your models and play the game.

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