Video Battle Report Status

I posted on my Facebook page yesterday that I’m currently editing my first video Battle Report. It should be finished today  or tomorrow. It was a good match and my first win with the JSA. There were a few recent changes to the site. I added a videos tab a Patreon tab and a Fate and Fury link. 

I also want to put a plug in for my  patreon page here. I’ve got a few different reward tiers created. The reason I’m asking for money on that is so I can outsource the editing and get back to the other half of the hobby (painting). It’s very time consuming to edit videos and I haven’t done any painting this week because I’ve been focused on editing.

$1 tier enters you to a raffle for a single miniature of your choosing and the $8 tier enters you to win a box of miniatures of your choosing all from the corvus belli infinity the game line. 

Please check it out and watch for my first battle report in the next day or so. 

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