Maakrep Tracker Troop Review

I was under the impression that each factions starter boxes came with an HI troop. In the absence of an HI, I will review the Maakrep Tracker. He is the MI trooper and available in both vanilla and the Onyx force. Let’s asses this guy and determine if he’s worth taking. A friend of mine mentioned that this was not the vanilla starter box as I previously thought. At any rate today’s review will be of the Maakrep Tracker from the Onyx Force starter pack.

Maakrep 2.jpg

Skills and Stats

AutoMedKit – Allows the trooper to spend an order on an unconscious troop and make a PH roll to recover one wound. This can be repeated as many times as needed by the trooper as long as she passes the PH roll each time.

Multispectral Visor Lvl 2 – This tool reduces the penalty of all optical disruption such as camo, mimetism, ODD, low visibility to a 0. It also ignores the smoke effects of dodge.

Sixth Sense Lvl 1 – This skill gives the trooper many perks against troops within her zone of control and out. Troopers are allowed to respond with a face to face roll against any attack regardless of the troops facing. The trooper also ignores the effects of surprise attack in CC. If the model is targeted by a suprise attack from within his zone of control she ignores the negative modifier. She may respond to attacks from within her zone of control through zero visibility zones without suffering the -6 modifier. She may delay the declaration of an ARO against enemy troopers within her zone of control until after the active player declares the second short skill.

V. Courage – This skill allows the player to choose the outcome of the guts roll required after taking a wound or passing an armor save. It also allows the model to ignore the rules of retreat acting normally until the end of the game.



The state line of the Maakrep Tracker is pretty solid for an MI. BS 12 WIP 13 ARM 2 BTS 3. At 30 points on average for her, she is a solid trooper, but the lack of any link teams for the Tracker make her any tough sell for many of the loadouts.

With availability 2 in vanilla and 3 in the Onyx force, but no options for a fireteam Haris or Duo these guys won’t hold a strong presence in the Army, but they do make a solid sniper or suppressive HMG piece.

The Maakrep Tracker is priced around the average 30 for an MI trooper. The most common Loadouts you will see are the sniper and HMG as mentioned before. On occasion you will run into the LT version. More common in lower point games, but still a solid LT option.

At 33 points you get a Multi-Sniper Rifle and msv Lvl 2. This guy will find his way into many lists. It allows the use of smoke games and negates the tricks of all camo and To camo. The cost for this solid ARO piece is very cheap. Also the AutoMedKit allows you to bring him back up without the need for a medic. This will annoy many opponents. In the sweet spot you will be hitting on 15 everyone not in cover.

The HMG unit isn’t quite as good because it requires more effort to bring him up the table and put him in a good position in order to get a good use out of him. Coordinated orders help with this, but there are better HMG options available to the Combined Army.


The Maakrep Tracker is a solid looking model, but it only has one sculpt. The box says that the unit comes with an HMG, but I’m fairly certain that this unit is actually carrying the multi-sniper Rifle. She won’t win any awards for best looking sculpt, but she is not nearly the worst sculpt in production.


Final Thoughts

The Maakrep Tracker is a fairly mediocre trooper all around, but the Multi-Sniper Loadout is a solid choice that you will encounter in many lists.

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