Custom Dice Tray

For a while I’ve looked at buying a dice tray from one of various online retailers. After chatting with one of my friends John about his dice tray he made a simple recommendation and from there It turned into a great looking dice tray. Click to read more and see my steps and the pictures of the project. 

I purchased a frame for stretched canvas and removed the canvas. It cost me $5 and can be found at any craft store or superstore. It was made from a cheap cut of pine and was in pretty poor condition. The following picture was taken after I started the project of the bottom of the tray. I forgot to take a picture of the raw wood color.


Stain and Pre-Stain

Pine is a soft wood and won’t take stains very well. I used a pre-stain wood conditioner to help the stain take evenly over the wood. I then applied my stain very heavily over the wood. A thin application showed more of the imperfections of the cheap wood. I finished that stage with three thin coats of lacquer.


Prime the Wood

The next step was to mask off the stained wood. I primed the edges dark gray since I was using a black topcoat.


Paint the Wood

The final step was to paint it black and let it dry. I used a flat black color. I personally do not like very much sheen.


Final Appearance

Here is the final look. I should point out that it’s currently raining outside and the glossy spots on the black are rain drops.

At some point in the future I plan on making a stencil of my logo and painting it in the middle. I’m very pleased with how it turned out. Let me know what you think or share pictures of your dice trays.

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