Mobile Brigada Review

This week I am moving onto the Nomads HI from the starter box. The Mobile Brigada is a solid trooper with very good armor and great stats. If you have been paying attention I have been going down the list as shown in the Army Selector so next week will be Combined Army. Click to read more on this solid Troop profile.


Skills and Stats

V. Courage – This skill allows the player to choose the outcome of the guts roll required after taking a wound or passing an armor save. It also allows the model to ignore the rules of retreat acting normally until the end of the game.

Fireteam core(Command of Corregidor) – Allows the formation of a fireteam with up to five Mobile Brigadas.

In comparison to the HI troops reviews thus far the Mobile Brigada is lacking in the special skills department, but it outshines all of the others in its skill line. As viewed below in the image they have 4 armor which is very good. From the average combi rifle plus cover if you are playing strategically you will be a total of 7 taking the damage 13 down to 6. You will need a 7 or better in most situations. This is awesome.

mobile brigada.png


This is perhaps the intended lieutenant of the vanilla starter pack and he makes for an aggressive lieutenant choice. The multi Rifle is a solid weapon and he will be hitting on 16 or less in the sweet spot. With the light flame thrower as well he is well equipped for many situations.Both the HMG and the Missile Launcher are brutal. Hitting with 4 dice on 16 in the sweet spot is amazing. Placing him in a good position in suppressive fire can hold any fire lane with ease.

Although they cost a bit more these guys will be found on many Corregidor lists with limited insertion. It is a solid pain train. It will cost about 200 points to build that link, but take a look at the modifiers of this link. BS 13 is now a BS 16 for the five man link bonus. Now in the sweet spot your burst 4(+1 fo the link) HMG is hitting on 19 or less in the sweet spot. That is brutal.

At 34 points the Combi Rifle loadout is a solid addition to any list. Those familiar with the faction will know he is not your LT, but he is a much cheaper option for an HI and will survive very well.

I would not recommend the Hacking device Mobile Brigada. Although very survivable there are many other good choices for less points available to the Nomads. I would though recommend the profile if you are running the pain train with these guys so at least you have someone who can push buttons and take objectives. It is also a great idea for to keep a hacker nearby since all of them are hackable.


When I played nomads a number of years ago I had the old sculpt for these guys. At the time it was my one of my favorite sculpts in the game. Little did I know that they would make these guys even cooler. My favorite in this lineup is the missile launcher girl with her helmet up. They are a very cool looking sculpt and would be very fun to paint.


Final Thoughts

The Mobile Brigada is a solid HI troop and very capable of surviving heavy fire. With their 4 ARM they have a great chance of surviving many hits from enemies. All of the profiles are solid and there are some cheaper usable options (the Combi Rifle) who will find their way in to many lists. Know your troops and those of your enemies.

3 thoughts on “Mobile Brigada Review

    • Very cool. They were my first faction, but I’m afraid they have grown quite dusty in the years since I bought them. I will eventually go back but who knows when.


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