3rd Highlander Greys Review

On this week’s troop review I go over the 3rd Highlander Greys. A solid trooper from the Ariadna Starter pack who will definitely find his way into many Caledonia lists, but his shortcomings may cause him to be skipped often in vanilla lists.




Non-hackable – Most other HI troops can be targetted by Hacking programs such as Gotcha! or Basilisk, but troopers with this skill are immune to programs specific to HI troops, but can still he targetted with programs such as spotlight.

Shock immunity – The 3rd Highlander Greys ignore the effects of shock ammunition and treat the damage as normal. This is handy for them because they are 1 wound HI and shock ammo would bring him to dead in one shot.

V. Dogged – This is a special unconscious ability which allows the model to go dogged instead of unconscious. This keeps the figure standing until the end of the current turn or until he takes one more wound. This is good in both ARO and active turn for different reasons. In ARO you can keep a model standing forcing your opponent to spend more orders to deal with a troop he just killed once more. In the active turn I have used a Dogged troop to activate enemy mines forcing them to be wasted on a figure who was already dead.

Frenzy – As soon as this trooper causes any damage to an enemy the next game turn he become regular impetuous. If you are in a good position this could be very bad for your enemy, but it can be risky to spend those orders sometimes because he has to move his full move into a position where he can strike the enemy and secondly you no longer receive the benefits of any cover.

Fireteam Core – In the Caledonia faction the 3rd Highlander Greys can form a core link with volunteers of 3 volunteers 1 3rd Highlander Greys  and Isobel McGregor or 4 volunteers and 1 Grey. In limited insertion games a 5 man link of 3rd Highlanders could be very deadly and if chosen wisely not to costly.

3rd Grey

All of these guys except the AP HMG amd the T2 Boarding Shotgun come equipped with dual light shotguns. Each model has Smoke grenades. Playing smaller games the 25 point t2 Boarding Shotgun is a standout model not costing too much and still getting a BS 13 ARM 3 HI with smoke Grenades. The AP HMG Loadout is a great ARO price, but at the risk of activating frenzy their are better options. That’s what makes the boarding Shotgun stand out just a bit more. Sending him into the mid field causing a wound and letting him go frenzy on all the baddies in the middle.

3rd Highlander grays are a little cheaper than most other HI models for a few reasons. With only one wound these guys can be killed very easily and the skill dogged is a decent skill, but I prefer it on guys who cost less than 30 points. It may be tempting to activate dogged, but the guaranteed loss of the unit at the end of the turn is rough.

In a link with volunteers the Greys will stand out nicely. With a +3 bump to their BS they will be hitting on 16 or less, but if you get into the sweet spot it suddenly becomes 19 or less. That is brutal on an AP HMG with 5 shots (+1 burst from link). If you want to save cost with them use the 25 point Boarding Shotgun version and play smoke games to advance the link into a good position and leave them as a defensive ARO.



Personally I don’t much care for the look of the AP HMG model, but the two light shotguns version is very cool. He is very customizable if you are so inclined. His arms are in a good position to modify and swap for others as needed.

I am looking forward to the re-sculpt of this guy as well. A preview of it was shown at a recent tournament in Las Vegas rumble on route 66. It is a T2 rifle sculpt and it looks gorgeous.

Final Thoughts

The 3rd Highlander Greys is perhaps my least favorite HI trooper I’ve reviewed so far. The only one I feel is truly worth the cost is the T2 Boarding Shotgun version, but in the Ariadna armies especially Caledonia you will most likely use or encounter this model on a regular basis.

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