Domaru Butai Review

Continuing on with my plan to review one heavy soldier from each faction, I decided to review the Domaru Butai from the Yu Jing. I am currently learning how to play as this army and have been struggling with the switch from Haqqislam Bahram to Yu Jing Japanese Sectorial Army.




Martial Arts LVL 3 – The trooper may choose any version of martial arts up to lvl three from the following chart.

Martial Arts Chart

Name Attack Opponent Damage Burst Type of Special
MA Level 1 0 -3 +1 0
MA Level 2 0 0 +3 0
MA Level 3 +3 -3 0 0

Berserk – Berserk changes the melee from a face to face roll to two individual rolls. The Domaru’s roll is given a +6 mod to hit. It also grants the ability to use the Assault ability. Assault allows the troop to move both his first and second move values as a short skill in order to enter base to base contact with an enemy in an attempt to attack. The player using Assault take s -3 modifier to hit as a penalty for running so far, but with 23 CC you will still be hitting the enemy no matter what you roll.

Name Attack Opponent Damage Burst Type of Special
Berserk Attack +6 0 0 0 *
Assault -3 0 0 0 **

Kinematica LVL 2 – This skill allows you to move an additional 2 inches after a successful dodge and the engage ARO range is increased by 2 inches. This knowledge would have changed the outcome of a recent game I played. It just goes to show that knowing the special skills of your troops can make or break your strategies.

Fireteam Duo – This allows the formation of a Fireteam of two troopers. Domaru Butai are allowed to form a Duo with Neko Oyama as well.

Fireteam Core – These troopers are able to form a fireteam core of up to five troopers with a few special exceptions. They can form a fireteam with Haramaki troopers as well, or they can form a troop with Neko one Domaru and three Haramaki.

Frenzy – As soon as this trooper causes any damage to an enemy the next game turn he become regular impetuous. If you are in a good position this could be very bad for your enemy, but it can be risky to spend those orders sometimes because he has to move his full move into a position where he can strike the enemy and secondly you no longer receive the benefits of any cover.

LoadoutsDomaru Butai

The Domaru Butai comes with a few different options as listed on the charts above. These guys range from high MI price to Mid HI price. For smaller games you wont see them as often, but they are a strong pain train and will show their faces more often in 200 and 300 point games. Any of the loadouts that carry a ranged weapon are in the 30’s and all of the otehrs are in the 20’s.


PH of 14 is phenomenal. They will be landing grenades on 17 in the sweet spot and all but one come equipped with E/M grenades, but be aware that EM grenades do not cause wounds they force the enemy model to enter an isolated state or if it is a Tag or HI then the model enters the Immobilized 2 state. Their BS is 12 which is fairly average for an HI trooper. Armor and BTS values of three and 2 wounds make them very durable. On the average weapon you will be 50/50 to survive the shot, but being able to take two wounds makes them much more valuable than other soldiers.

The previous note about E/M damage is also the case for the troopers with E/M CC weapons. It is essentially double action, but the second hit is an E/M hit. The Domaru Butai can walk up to a Tag and punch it in the face and immobilize it with a fairly decent rate of success. Now the trouble would be getting the trooper into base to base contact. Here’s a hint Assault special skill granted by the Berserk skill.

The cheaper variants only have chain rifles which are handy, but limited in their versatility. The grenades are an OK substitute for a weapon, but their range is no different than the Chain rifle.


These guys are Scifi Samurai. They look gorgeous. I the male versions are hulking and I was impressed that they made the female Domaru Butai a bit larger than their LI and MI counterparts. I have seen some very great paint jobs done on these guys and I’m currently working on a teal version myself, but this trooper was one of the reasons I got into JSA.


Final Thoughts

The Domaru Butai is a great trooper that has some great stopping power as a Fireteam Duo Spitfire and Neko or a Link with Neko, Domaru and three haramaki. This latter being a great cheap way to make a decent pain train for around 132 points. The major down side to these guys is that none of them are specialists. A full link of these guys would be great in firefight or Biotechvore where killing the enemy is the objective, but other than that I would suggest taking only two of them at a time.

The starter boxes come with one for both JSA and Vanilla Yu Jing so you may already have one. I purchased the box because I really liked the sculpts in the box much better than the ones in the starter boxes. Definitely a great troop to add to any army. Be warned though I don’t think more is better in most situations with these guys.

3 thoughts on “Domaru Butai Review

    • Yeah pair berserk with E/M CC against a tag and its almost guaranteed that you isolate and immobilize the guy, but the tough part is actually getting into a good position. Oh wait they can Assault and run 8 inches to get into base to base contact. You are definitely right borderline overpowered.


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