Asuka Kisaragi Assembly


As much as I love bikers in Infinity I kind of despise putting them together. Opening a new box has a special feel to it. It also should be noted that this model is gorgeous. Even if I don’t end up using them very often it is one that needs to be painted and added to my army. 


Having built many models in my time, I found two parts of these particularly difficult to assemble. The foot pegs on the left side of the bike had a hard time staying in place. On the right side they glued in just fine and had a place to rest against in order to glue nicely, but the small size of the left peg and the location where it is designed to glue into made it very hard to put into place.


While positioning Asuka’s bike I had a hard time figuring out where to angle it so she rested nicely. It is important for me to figure this out now since I am going to pin her bike now and glue them together later. I need the position of the bike to be set so I don’t run into problems down the road.


Now they are both currently gluing into a standing position. I will paint the bikes first and then paint the riders and stick them together last.

I’ll post a troop review of these guys later. I haven’t used them yet, but I like the profiles and it seems they have the only lieutenant option in JSA that does not cost any SWC.

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