Knight of Montesa Troop Review



The Knight of Montesa is a strong HI troop available to the PanOceania faction. It comes with some very strong loadout options and is a sturdy addition to any army. I have been focusing on the HI troopers that come in the starter packs for each faction.


KNights of Montesa.jpg


Mechanized Deployment – This ability functions very similarly to infiltration where the troop is allowed to deploy anywhere on your half of the game table, but their is one caveat. If more than one trooper has this ability a leader of the mechanized deployment must be selected and every trooper possessing this ability must be deployed within the zone of control of said trooper.

Religious Troop – This troop ignores the effects of a retreat situation and acts as though he has the courage ability forgoing the need to make a guts check after passing an armor check or suffering a wound.

Assault – The player may declare an assault order that enables you to move both first and second move distance in one movement in order to enter base to base contact with an enemy model. This ability allows you to then make a CC attack in the same turn. The penalty for this is a -3 modifier to hit.All of this must be declared before the enemy declares their ARO.

Fireteam Duo – This skill allows players to form a fireteam of two troops.

Profile Options

With the Fireteam Duo skill these guys can easily become a pain train. Heavy hitting troops that get into your face fast. Combine that with the forward deployment of the skill Mechanized deployment and these guys are not to be taken lightly. 50 points is fairly expensive especially for smaller games, but the Knight of Montesa is worth every point.

The obvious profile to take is the spitfire either as the LT or just a regular trooper, but I think the light rocket launcher profile should not be forgotten. Mechanized deployment will ensure that most of the enemies are in your sweet spot from the start and the fire damage is brutal to just about anything. The light grenade launcher profile is excellent for the same reasons. It adds the option to perform speculative fire and you’ll be sitting in your sweet spot from the beginning of the game.

Figure Design

The troop is a little small for an HI, but I do like the position that he is holding the sword. It looks like he’s trying to decide whether to shoot or just cut down the enemy. He actually seems on the point of dropping his gun and assaulting some poor Nomads. The front and back cape has a ton of potential customization for your individual army.


The model should first be purchased from your local shop. Always support your local shop. They provide you a place to hang out and play this fun game. An alternate location for purchasing is here at Miniature Market. Pricing at Mini Market is roughly $10. This guy is worth it.

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