Asawira Regiment Review

For a long time when I played the Hassassins. I opted out of taking any Asawira. I felt they were far too expensive when I could fill out almost twenty orders in most of the lists that I played. Why spend around forty points when I can field almost an entire link of Ghulams for that same cost? Here is a quick break down of all of their abilities and then we’ll decide if this guy is worth taking on your team.




Martial Arts LVL 2 allows them to either give a -3 modifier to hit their opponent and a +1 to their dmg or a +3 dmg.

Regeneration allows the trooper to spend one long skill and make a PH roll to attempt to regenerate one wound. This ability can not be used from the dead state. A failed roll causes the troop to lose another wound.

Assault allows the troop to move both his first and second move values as a short skill in order to enter base to base contact with an enemy in an attempt to attack. The player using Assault take s -3 modifier to hit as a penalty for running so far, but with 21 CC you will still be hitting on 18 which has fairly decent odds.

Fireteam Duo allows you to take two of these troops and form a Duo Fireteam (Yeah it’s pretty self-explanatory.)

Kinematica LVL 2 allows you to move an additional 2 inches after a successful dodge and the engage ARO range is increased by 2 inches. This knowledge would have changed the outcome of a recent game I played. It just goes to show that knowing the special skills of your troops can make or break your strategies.

Religious Troop, honestly you should be familiar with this one if you are playing anything to do with Haqqislam. In case you really need a refresher, It means you automatically pass all guts rolls and this troop is unaffected by the rules of retreat.

Frenzy – As soon as this trooper causes any damage to an enemy the next game turn he become regular impetuous. If you are in a good position this could be very bad for your enemy, but it can be risky to spend those orders sometimes because he has to move his full move into a position where he can strike the enemy and secondly you no longer receive the benefits of any cover.


Asawira Specs

At least one of these guys should be an auto add to your team. The spitfire profile in particulare is deadly with 14 BS you can place him in a great position and set him up in suppressive fire and the opponent gets a -3 to hit automatically. Place the trooper in cover and it is suddenly -6 to hit your Asawira. Those are great oods in your favor to hit an enemy model. He is your heavy hitter and if you are building your lists well with Bahram you should have plenty of orders to move him up and place him in a great position.

Another great profile is the Doctor Plus with boarding shotgun. Add him in a Duo with your Spitfire for another 39 points and you have a solid Fireteam Duo that can grab objectives and take a hit. It should be noted as well that the Doctor Plus will be a +3 on the WIP roll to revive a teammate. That makes it 17 or less. Very good odds and as we all know the decisions we make in dice games are all about the odds of success.



The Asawira look fantastic. They aren’t quite as bulky as many of the other HI troopers in other armies, but their shoulder pads are unique and so are the guards over their legs. Painting these guys was very fun.

Final Thoughts

Do your self a favor and add this guy to your list. Buy it Here from Miniature Market in the US or where you can always support your local game shop since they host you weekly to play these games. I have mine painted, but the picture I took was really poor. I’ll update this post down the road when I have a better photo of the guy.

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