Keisotsu painting continued

2017-03-07 21.50.48

I spent a little more time on my Keisotsu troops this afternoon and made some good progress. What follows is a side-show of some before and after shots.  I base coated their arms white and gave them orange and black gloves. I did not highlight them very well yet, but I will do some highlights on the raised edges of the orange soon. I haven’t decided if I want to use a glaze on the gloves yet. I’m not sure what color glaze would go well with the scheme that I have going so far. 

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The next step I was working on was adding accents and more color to the armor. I added some orange bands on what looks like a strap holing the back and front of their armor together. I changed the backpack color gray and did a bright green highlight. You can’t see it very well in the picture, but I added a small violet dot on the little indents on the back of his armor.

The last thing that I did was do a light gray base coat for his gun. A friend of mine recommended using color schemes from the game Destiny on my guns and I think that is a fantastic idea. Now I personally play the game and was a member of the Future War Cult on all three of my characters so I guess I’ll have to rep the FWC on my Yu Jing. I’m thinking something along the lines of this.


Updates on my Keisotsu Progress soon. Oh just FYI I am also currently painting a Ninja an Oniwaban and a Kempetei, but I haven’t taken any good shots of them yet.

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