Keisotsu Painting

I spent the night working on my Keisotsu that came in the JSA starter pack. My original thought was to paint them with a Rising Sun theme, hence the very red pants and white shoes. After painting the pants on three Keisotsu, an Oniwaban, and two ninjas I decided that Red and white was probably the most overdone color scheme done for the JSA sectorial.

Here’s where I got a little crazy with my color ideas…


It started with a little orange on the shoes and then I got some blue on the armor. After conversing with my wife about where to go next I’ve decided to tie it all together and give them  a white undershirt. Who knows maybe it will look good when it’s all done.

Worst case scenario I repaint them with the Badger Patriot 105 that is showing up tomorrow.2017-02-28-19-42-17

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