Capture and Protect: Before Game Strategy


I’m playing my JSA sectorial for the first time tomorrow night and I’m fairly excited to see how they play. I have been playing Haqqislam Bahram for a very long time and I feel there will be an adjustment period before I can get the hang of how JSA plays. In my league we are playing 150 point games this whole month so I figured it would be a good time to try out a new army.

Tomorrow’s mission is Capture and Protect. My plan is to deploy my Oniwaban using superior infiltration close to the beacon in the enemy deployment zone. My other deployment plan is to place my ninja hacker near one of the energy consoles. Hopefully I can grab both objectives in round one and play defense for the rest of the match. Other ideas I have are to place my Raiden Seibutai Minelayer near my own beacon and just leave him there as defense along with the hidden mine he will deploy with. I’ll follow up with a battle report after the game.

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