Domaru Butai Review Part 2

This week I am on part 2 of the Domaru Butai Review. You can find part 1 here. On this review I will go over a few lists and some good synergies with other soldiers.


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Neka Oyama painting part 1

I’ve been doing a bit of work on Neko Oyama lately. I forgot to take a before picture when I just had him primed, but I will go over the steps I’ve done so far. Before this point I did a base coat of the blue and added a few highlight and lowlight shades and a wash to make the angles and ridges stand out. I then added white on all the ridges to make them stand out.

2017-04-15 14.40.58

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Skills and Equipment: Fireteams

The next episode of Skills and Equipment is live on my YouTube Channel. In this episode I go over the basics of Fireteams. It will be a three part series on fireteams and this first one is very basic and covers creation and basic rules of of thumb. Check back soon for the next part of Skills and Equipment: Fireteams.

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Battle Kiwi Objective Room Review

I’m back with my next review of terrain purchased over at Battle Kiwi.  They are a New Zealand based company and they produce some awesome terrain for both sci-fi or fantasy games. I purchased a bit of their sci-fi stuff and previously reviewed the Alpha City here. Check back next week to see my review of the Comm Tower.

This weeks review is of the Objective Room. Many scenarios require a room of specific dimensions with a door on each side. This is Battle Kiwi’s answer to that requirement for Infinity the Game. You can find this piece of terrain here. I was very pleased with this building for a number of reasons. Click read more to see the full article.


2017-04-15 21.18.08

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Yojimbo Painting pt 6

I have moved onto painting the dismounted model and rider. I have also decided to do these a little different than I was previously doing. I took a few more pictures along the way and I will explain what I was working on. You will see more pictures and more explanation of what I was doing along the way. You can find the finished bike here.

2017-04-14 21.35.16

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Painted Miniatures: Domaru Butai

As promised I’ve got my next episode of painted miniatures live featuring the Domaru Butai that I just finished. It was an awesome project working on these guys and they are finally finished. I was working on five of them at the same time. I purchased the Domaru Butai box and I also painted the old sculpt that comes with the starter pack for the JSA. I love how they turned out. Check out the Domaru family in the following video.